Staying true to our original mission, our Work-Trade Program offers individuals access to our services without spending money. Tuesday through Saturday individuals may volunteer their time at BICAS in exchange for credit which can be spent on used parts, use of community tools, and 1 bike per year up to $150.  Our WTF (Women/Trans/Femme) community is also welcome to participate in Work-Trade during our Monday WTF programming from 3pm – 7pm.  Space is limited by our capacity for each day.

Our current work-trade rate:
1 hour of work-trade = $12 of shop credit.

Work-Trade tasks may include: sweeping, mopping, cleaning, sorting parts, organizing the shop, dismantling bicycles, and helping staff with shop projects. No bicycle mechanics knowledge is necessary. All you have to do is show up and have a staff member help you sign in and give you a job to do! Varies daily. Youth ages 13-18 are welcome to participate during non-school hours. Youth under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.


  • 5,335 hours of Work Trade were completed by 1,275 people, including 327 youth (2017)
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