Bikes and stories are not so different: Both take off and end up in places you never expected; Both can be shared and often are handed down from one generation to the next; And both need people to care for them, treasure them, and make sure they keep going and going.

Here at BICAS, we feel so privileged to hear all your amazing/heartbreaking/hilarious/inspiring stories as you come in to snazz up your bike, or earn a new bike after yours was stolen, or teach your kids how to fix a flat on their very first bike. We cherish all your stories and they truly help remind us why we do what we do!

Please consider a donation today to help BICAS continue its legacy of offering affordable bicycle transportation, education, and creative recycling for all of Southern Arizona.


Arizona Charitable Tax Credits

Did you know that BICAS qualifies for the AZ charitable tax credit? That means donations up to $400 for an individual or $800 for jointly-filed taxes receive that money back in the form of a tax credit.




Thank you! And we look forward to the next 30 years!

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