Community Tools

Community Tools is the heart and soul of BICAS.

During open hours, we provide access to bicycle tools, repair stands, and friendly mechanical assistance to the public for a small hourly fee. This program is a great way to become familiar with the maintenance and proper use of your bicycle, as well as be empowered by all the hands-on knowledge you’ll gain! BICAS supplies a fully-equipped community tool shop for almost all your bike maintenance needs.

 $8-16 per hour sliding scale. Minimum charge of $1 for tool use. 

“Spend an afternoon in BICAS and you’ll come away with more than just a bike. You’ll gain a whole new appreciation for things people-powered.” — Tucson Weekly

The innovation of Community Tools lies in our shop motto: “We don’t fix your bike for you” (a temporary solution), “we teach you how to do it” (an empowering opportunity). This has enabled BICAS to become much more than just another bike shop and allowed us to remain true to our educational mission.

Strapped for cash? We also offer a unique Work Trade Program where members of our community can earn shop credit, which they may use to pay for shop time, used parts, and used As-Is Bikes.

We welcome people of all ages and all walks of life to come down and learn DIY bicycle maintenance skills at our shop. Community Tools continues to be an essential resource for some of the most vulnerable members of our Tucson community, including the homeless, veterans, immigrants, refugees, youth, and LGBTQ people. Many of these people rely on their bikes as their sole method of transportation, and rely on BICAS to help them keep it rolling week after week!

Do keep in mind that we are not the end-all-be-all. For high-end repairs, you may need to take your carbon fiber and racing bikes to the pros at Tucson’s other great bike shops, such as Fairwheel Bikes (near UA) and Ben’s Bikes (east side).

Sliding scale = you select the rate you can afford.
Shop Time and Tool Use:  $8-16 hourly rate – sliding scale.