In addition to our onetime events, collaborations with organizations that spring up throughout the calendar, and outreach presence at events including Cyclovia and the Sugar Hill Summer Poolooza, BICAS hosts plenty of regular events with no need to RSVP!

Find our BICAS table around all through the calendar!

Check out our regular events in alphabetical order!

  • Art Auction
    (Annual, December)
    Bid on spectacular bicycle art at a week-long event! This is our largest fundraiser of the year.
  • Art Corner
    (Weekly, 3 PM to 6 PM, Thursdays, barring Summer Break)
    Create your own bike art with the BICAS
    staff and community! You’ll have access to our recycled bike parts and crafting supplies.
  • Art Mart
    (Roughly Biannual)
    We hold a venue for local artists to promote and sell their art! Discover fresh gems at Art Mart.
  • Women/Trans*/Femme Ride
    (Monthly, last Monday at 6:30 PM)
    This is a fun, welcoming event for women, trans*, and femme identifying people to socialize and ride as a group!
  • Youth Earn-a-Bike
    (During School Breaks, Monday-Friday at 9 AM to 12 PM)
    This is a fun, supportive camp for youth to learn mechanics and earn a bike!