WISH LIST . . . 

  • Good quality vise (these run $600-1200) – We use this daily for removing gears, stuck axles, stuck seatposts, straightening forks, cutting threadless forks, bending metal for art.
  • Heavy duty steel shelving (for organizing & storing bike parts)
  • Lights and Locks (something we would like to offer as a worktrade item for low-income patrons)
  • Park Tools and other dependable Bike Tools (our Community Tools and Class Tools get a lot of use!)
  • Welding Supplies (masks, gloves, 4 1/2 x . 045″ cut-off wheels for angle grinder, 14 x 1/8″ chopsaw blades) – we make bike racks, fences, ghost bikes, sculptures, remove seized/stripped bike parts, ghost bikes,
  • Cleaning Supplies (Simple Green, dishwashing liquid, liquid hand soap, paper towels)
  • Water-based House Paint (white, teal, orange, yellow, black)
  • Bicycle Repair Training or Sponsorships (help our staff get more certified training)
  • Office Supplies (bulldog clips, magnets/magnet clips, paperclips, black pens, sharpies, paint pens, printing paper, gift certificate)
  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Gift Certificates (ie. food for events & building supply stores)

—Email bicas@bicas.org—