BICAS Metalwork commissions open!

About metalworks commissions:

Folks in Tucson and surrounding areas can request metal art to be created by the BICAS Collective for a negotiable price. Not only are our staff members bike mechanics and business managers, but we make art from any kind of bicycle scrap imaginable!

To submit a commission request, send as much information as possible regarding your request to and we will be in touch regarding our capacity to fulfill it. If a staff artist is able to fulfill your commission, prices will be worked out between the artist and customer. All consumables are covered by BICAS for commission requests.

Saguaro Cactus made of Recycled Bicycle Rims by BICAS Staff Troy Neiman

Types of metalworks commissions can include:

  • Bike racks
  • Fences
  • Gates
  • Public art
  • Custom artwork
  • And more!

Welded Trash Can Commission, 2014

Welded Bike Rack Commission, 2014

Welded COVID-19 Mask Rack by BICAS Staff Carlyn Arteaga, 2020


For questions, media, mural requests, metalworks commissions, information on our Annual Art Auctionworkshop information, or parts requests, contact the BICAS Art Coordinator at or 520.628.7950, or stop by the shop at 2001 N. 7th Ave during our open hours.

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