What is a metalwork commission?

Folks in Tucson and surrounding areas can request metal art to be created by BICAS staff for a negotiable price. Not only are our staff members bike mechanics and business managers, but we make art from steel bicycle scrap, too!

What are some types of commissions we do? (They include, but are not limited to):

  • Bike racks
  • Fences
  • Gates
  • Public art
  • Custom work

How do commissions work?

Contact art@bicas.org to submit a commission request. If a staff artist is able to fulfill your commission, prices will vary and be worked out between the artist and customer. 70% of all payment goes to BICAS and 30% to the staff artist. All consumables will be covered by BICAS.

*Please be aware that we are a small collective group who repair bicycles, run a nonprofit, teach classes, create art, organize events, ride bikes, and live our lives to the fullest outside of BICAS. That being said, we can only take on so much individually, but we do plan to take over the world! We appreciate your support and understanding!*

**As of November 2020, we are not able to take on new commissions until at least January 2021 – Feel free to reach out, but be aware that our welding skills are currently in use for our Online Staff Auction!**

Welded Saguaro Cactus

Staff at our on-site metal shop – We love our MIG welder!

Welded BICAS Bike Rack

Welded BICAS Trash Can

Hello how are you?