BICAS Spring 2023 Art Mart!

poster art by: Jenna Tomasello 

Yes, indeed BICAS will have another art mart! Last year was a success and we are continuing this inspired event for another year! The BICAS Art mart was created in early 2021 in response to art events being cancelled in 2020. Those art fairs were an important revenue producer for local artists. Artists were some of the hardest hit during the pandemic. They relied on local events to make a living and many were cancelled in 2020. Events like our BICAS art mart is where artists come together & collaborate. And create a name & business for themselves in the community.

Save the date March 26th 9am-2pm

Event at the BICAS parking lot 2001 N 7th Ave

Free to attend. Local artists.

Applications accepted until March 5th

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Scholarship for BICAS Art Mart!

Are you an emerging artist who needs a jumpstart on their career? Or are you in a spot where you can’t pay the tabling fee? Well, we want to open up the opportunity to have an artist table at the BICA Art Mart. Click the link below to fill out this special application! Good luck!


BICAS 2022 Art Mart

BICAS held its second  ‘Art Mart’ in the BICAS Parking Lot in late April. The market was free to enter and had 10 local artists tabling their artwork! We also had original BICAS art and merch for sale. Thank you to the artists, volunteers, and patrons who made the 2nd Art Mart possible!

Artists at the event Revolta Art, La Luna Coyote, Gabbi Mohn, Toned Uterus, S² Metal/Crafts, Live.In.Color, Transasaurus Mexicraft, Kristin Mcray, True Descendants, Emazarts Designs, and Bridges Across Borders. The free upcycled art activity for children was also available again this year. Proceeds from BICAS bicycle art and merchandise directly supported BICAS, a collectively run 501(c)(3) that has participated in affordable bicycle transportation, education, and creative recycling in Tucson for over 31 years. 100% of the sales from artists directly supported them.


Photo credit Arizona Daily Star:

*revolta art and la luna coyote

*S² Metal/Crafts and Transasaurus Mexicraft

*Gabbi Mohn, Live.In.Color and Bridges Across Borders

For more about the event visit our Instagram. BICAS Art merges bike-themed arts, do-it-yourself ethics, and ecological consciousness by providing education, inspiration, salvaged materials, and a socially diverse and inclusive artistic venue.

More details of the artists that appeared at 2022’s BICAS Art Mart:

revolta Art Instagram: @revolta_art 

revolta Art is an eco-conscious 2D multi-media artist focused on painting and drawing southwest plants and creatures on salvaged materials. Much of her current work includes small-scale paintings and printed goods (stickers, pins, bandanas, prints) of nature and critters seen while biking through Tucson and its mountain bike trails. Since graduating from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011, Monique has worked as a bike mechanic, art coordinator, and part-time artist. In 2021, they finally embraced their teen dream of being an artist and took a full leap into their creative practice – and we’re so glad they did! We can’t wait to have Monique as a second-time Art Mart artist this year.

Emma Arts Designs Instagram: @emazarts

Emma of Emazarts Designs is a Tucson-based maker who strives to be constantly learning. She aims to facilitate learning, connection, inspiration, and joy through her work, which includes one-of-a-kind block prints, ink drawings, and upcycled jewelry. This Sunday’s Art Mart will be her first-ever art market and she is thrilled to be tabling alongside the talented Toned Uterus!

 Toned Uterus  Instagram: @toned_uterus

Toned Uterus creates little ceramic guys and sometimes functional pottery like mugs and bowls! We adore their homemade ceramic critters and are so grateful to have their range of work and unique style in this year’s Art Mart. They will be tabling alongside Emazarts Designs this Sunday. You won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to shop for their wonderful pieces!


s2 (squared) metal/crafts Instagram: @welderbabe

@welderbabe of S² Metal/Crafts is an independent artist who moved to Tucson in 1990 from the midwest. They weld an amazing variety of pieces using upcycled bicycle parts – one of our types of art here at BICAS. They can’t get enough sunrises on bicycles in the desert, just like we can’t get enough of their one-of-a-kind steel pieces. You won’t want to miss getting to see their art in person this Sunday at Art Mart!


JC Jewelss Instagram: @jc.jewelss

JC Jewelss makes Mexican-owned handmade jewelry out of 100% stainless steel. We can’t get enough of their custom-made pieces, especially as BICAS has a long history of participating in DIY jewelry making here in Tucson! Can’t wait to see you at this Sunday’s Art Mart JC Jewelss!

La Luna Coyote Instagram: @laluna_coyote Website:

Ana (On-nuh) is the talented artist behind Tucson’s La Luna Coyote. Specializing in mixed media home décor and jewelry, their fascination for the Sonoran Desert is present in all that they design and produce. They focus on composing art that will influence the energy of any room by contributing moments of guided imagination and calming serenity. Ana, it is an absolute gift to have you as an artist at this year’s Art Mart!


True Descendants Instagram @luckysalway

Luck Salway of True Descendants describes himself as a humble Native American artist who is also your favorite artist, favorite artist, favorite artist. Enough said, are we right? LOL We loved getting to work with Luck on the Southeast door mural at our shop which he designed and worked on over the past year. It’s a pleasure to get to have you at this year’s Art Mart, Luck! Come out and see their work at this Sunday’s Art Mart! Instagram: @annalisa_paperarts

A mixed media collage artist who utilizes paints and textures. Many of my pieces depict folklore characters, circus bikes, and portraiture. The creations are started by color-coordinating with paint and textures so everything falls into place in a fun way. By decoupaging certain areas of the piece with a tad bit of watered-down paint, it gives the work its own time and space. Acrylics have always been Annalisa’s medium of choice when it comes to painting. When the subject is complete, the finishing touches are added with ink or charcoal to give the piece depth and shape.

Gabrielle Mohn

Gabrielle collects images and delights throughout her days which sometimes evolve into prints. They are representative of all the tasty things the world has to offer. Though a lover of humans and the small objects of the everyday, her art tends to explore the non-human realm; plants, animals, and all things bodacious and mystical.



2021 Art Mart

Art Mart Artist Flyer by BICAS Staff Jreems Kmchroo, @jreemskmchroo on Instagram

Pictures from the first ever Art Mart by BICAS Staff EMW

BICAS held its first ever ‘Art Mart’ Artisan Market in the BICAS Parking Lot on Sunday, May 16, 2021 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. The market was free to enter with enforced mask mandates and social distancing. Street parking for vehicles and bicycles was available. Thank you to the artists, volunteers, and patrons who made the first ever Art Mart possible!

The ‘Art Mart’ included upcycled bicycle art and merchandise from BICAS as well as local art by over a dozen Tucson DIY artists, including Alexclamation Ink, revolta Art, Fonz520, LONE HEART, APO POTTERY, Crazy Chain Creations, Linus, The Snake Bitch, Ginger Green, Sonoran Witch Boy, and Brandy Devoid. A free upcycled art activity for children was also available. Proceeds from bicycle art and merchandise directly supported BICAS, a collectively run 501(c)(3) that has participated in affordable bicycle transportation, education, and creative recycling in Tucson for over 31 years. Sales from DIY artists directly supported the artists.

In the meantime, look out for updates on the 2022 Annual BICAS Art Auction on the BICAS Art Facebook and Instagram!

Pictures from the first-ever Art Mart by @520_press on Instagram!

Image description:

Flyer reads, ‘BICAS’ 1st ART MART

Local Artist Market

Sunday, May 16, 2021

9AM – 1PM

The BICAS Parking Lot’

Graphic by BICAS staff Jreems Kmchroo, @jreemskmchroo on Instagram.


For questions, media, mural requests, metalworks commissions, information on our Annual Art Auctionworkshop information, or parts requests, contact the BICAS Art Coordinator at or 520.628.7950, or stop by the shop at 2001 N. 7th Ave during our open hours.

Find out more by following BICAS Art on Facebook, Instagram and on our Etsy shop!


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