Our refurbished bicycles receive a complete overhaul for that new bike feel at an affordable price. These bikes are disassembled, cleaned, re-greased, worn parts are replaced and everything is put back together and tuned up. Refurbished BICAS bikes have a 1-month warranty on parts and labor.

We try to have a good variety for everyone and it’s always changing so come check out our affordable selection of refurbished bikes! Prices typically range between $200 and $600.

For a slightly cheaper option, we also have “Ready-to-Ride” bicycles that have not been fully rebuilt, but have been professionally tuned-up. Some parts have been replaced and the bike is cleaned up and ready for a new home!

Our inventory is constantly changing, so please come in to see the full selection on any given day.

The sale of these bicycles helps BICAS fund our community programs, such as Community Tools, Earn-a-Bike, and WTF. Thanks for your support!



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