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Looking for locally-made gifts AND a way to support Tucson’s 501(c)(3) bicycle education and recycling center? Look no further for a wide variety of gifts available for local pickup through early next week at Use the coupon code ‘SHOPLOCAL’ at checkout to shop online and pick up at-store with all shipping fees waived. See you on N. 7th Ave to scoop up your one-of-a-kind holiday finds, and thank you in advance for supporting BICAS!

BICAS Candle, Candle Holder, and Wall Hook ($6, $8 and $8)

Little to Non-Rusted Used Chains for Art ($4 for set of 2)

BICAS Loteria Tote Bag ($12)

Welded Salvage Mask Rack by Car Arteaga ($35)

Dragoon Brewing Company Pint Glass and BICAS Dad Cap ($5 and $28)


Posted December 19th, 2020

2020 Mini-Auction Kickoff Video

Collective member and part-time Auctioneer Jesus is here to welcome you to our 2020 mini-auction, featuring a wide array of salvage bicycle art by our staff and board. Instructions on how to bid at Auction link at All proceeds go to BICAS, a worker self-directed 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Video by our amazing WTF Coordinator Shruti Kaul.

Y’all ready?!

Video Closed Captioning: 

“Attention! Come one and come all to the 2020 BICAS Staff Mini-Auction. COVID has whooped us all in the you-know-where but one but we are gonna have our auction whatever way we can.


We have some charming folk at this here bike collective and of course they can twist a wrench or two. But! ..can they use those hands to whip up something beautiful that isn’t a sleek single speed?


Of course they can! Our greasy mechanics have a tender touch and eye for salvage art. You’ll see.


Now our selection for today are plentiful and mighty fine. You wanna know what’s on the menu? Well that’s what I’m here for.


Today we’ve got

Barrio Casita by Mel Dominguez

Is it Over? By Jreems Kmchroo

Barrio Cruising Print by Mel Dominguez

BICAS 2020 by Emma Muir

Blue Chain Danglies by Hattie Houser

Childhood Memories by Jesus

Desert Sunset by Colin Holmes

Dzidze’doo nizhoni yoo’  by AMG

Enter Stage Right by Sebastian Kind

Fish Stories by Carlyn Arteaga

Hanging Chain Lamp by Ellie Kaszniak

Larrea Tridentata by Linus

Lunar Landscape by Adam Frumhoff

Monsoon Love by Kristin McRay

Remember Spirit Bird by Gavin Troy

Sol Mate by Clifford Ludeña

Spinning Closet Organizer by Clel

Stop Me Oh Stop Me by Andrea Burke

Tassel Key Chains by Miro Gutierrez

The Bliss of Flying Through the Wind by Tyler McCullough

The Rubber by Arjuna

Yoo’disxosih by AMG


And let the bidding begin! Where is everybody?




See you online!”

Posted Dec 6, 2020

Auction runs until 9PM MST Dec 12, 2020


BICAS Featured Artist AMG

Interview with BICAS Artist Asha Greyeyes

December 2020

BICAS Staff Artist AMG

Available on Etsy

I am from Northern Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation. I have been making things since I was a little kid and my sisters got me into jewelry making in high school. When I first started making jewelry, it was to sell to tourists who visited our area. I really enjoyed making things that were slightly different from the stuff we made to sell and when I think that really contributed to my liking of using bike parts to make jewelry. I personally really like making earrings, they are dangly and eye catching. I’d say I look at stuff that intrigues me then I just start trying to add to it. It starts off with one eye catching piece and I just try to accent or compliment something that’s already so beautiful or interesting.

Available on Etsy

I began at BICAS as a customer. My love for making things with my hand translated well into working with my hands on a bike. I now work at BICAS and still love working on bikes because once you understand how it works, your hands can just do it themselves. Plus the feeling of accomplishment is immediate, which I like. 


Yoo’ disxosih by AMG.

I donate to the art auction because I like to make jewelry and I wanna help the place I work. I think being able to use my creativity is a real plus side when helping a cause. I really like the auction pieces that mimic nature. The bike part animals and cactus always get me. I think it works into that love I have for paying tribute or complimenting things that are already so beautiful. 


I have no other place I sell or promote my work. They are only available at the BICAS Art Auction but if I ever do decide that, it will probably be how other indigenious artists do today. Instagram, USPS delivery and a payment app. 

Dzidze’ doo nizhoni yoo’ by AMG

Look for AMG’s art work and handmade jewelry on the BICAS Etsy page and in the Staff Mini-Auction up on EBAY


Racheal Rios Auction T-Shirt Interview


We loved getting to interview local artist Racheal Rios (@rachealrios on Instagram) this past week! Racheal describes her love for BICAS that went into her fabulous 2020 Mini-Auction t-shirt design. Thank you Racheal for your shout-out to BICAS essential services, which have allowed us to re-imagined the way that we engage with and learn alongside the community in assisting with equitable transportation for all. Purchase Racheal’s shirt and BICAS shirt by staff artist Jreems Kmchroo (@jreemskmchroo on Instagram) at, and, don’t forget to check out our mini-auction on eBay from this Sunday, Dec 6 at 9AM MST – Saturday Dec 12 at 9PM MST!! More information at! Thank you in advance for your support!


Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2020