Tuesday – Saturday 10 AM to 2PM

*** We are offering all services through our north facing roll up door to minimize exposure risk for our customers and staff.  At the moment the building is closed to public entry.
Services offered:
  • Bike Repairs
  • Bike Sales
  • Parts for sale
  • Donation drop offs
  • Etsy & Ebay order pick up

BICAS Essential Service Repair Menu 

All services offered sliding-scale (starting at $0 for those without funds). Parts not included.  Used parts necessary for safety repairs can be included in sliding scale. All new parts must be paid for. Sliding scale $30-$60/hr for unlisted jobs (staff discretion). Prioritization to safety repairs and individuals whose bike is their main mode of transportation.

Flat Fix/Tire Replacement $3-$9

Brake Adjustment (minor: pad alignments/cable tension) $5-$15 both

(major: cable/housing or brake pad replacement) $5-$15 each

Gear Adjustment (minor: limit screw/alignment/tension) $5-$15 both

(major: cable/housing or derailleur replacement) $5-$15 each

Chain Installation $3-$9

Bar Wrap $3-9

Wheel True (includes 1 spoke replacement) $7-$20 each

Bearing Adjustment $4 – $12 each

Bearing Overhaul $7 – $21 each

Full Safety Tune $20-$60 (Includes light cleaning, bearing adjustments, wheel true, flat fix, brake and shift adjustments, and oil chain)

*anything that requires removing more than the wheel is additional labor.  Please add labor cost for component replacement including chains and bar tape.

Clean and lube chain free

Component replacement/installation $5-15 each (derailleurs, racks, etc.)

Bicycle Assembly (new, out of box with all parts only) $30-90 – Any requested changes (seat, handlebars, etc.) require additional cost and are at staff discretion.

Services temporarily on hold:
Work Trade / Community Service
Community workshops
Bike repair classes
DIY Bike Repair Open Shop

Update 11/19/2020

Here’s some quick Q&A for common questions we’ve been receiving:

Can I come in?

Not yet.

When will I be able to come in?

We simply don’t know yet. We are paying very close attention to health and safety guidelines and will let everyone know when we are able to safely open the doors to the public again.

Can I buy a bike?

Yes! There are two options for bike purchases: 1. Email with a description of what sort of bike you are hoping for, your budget, and your height/inseam. Our sales team will respond with some photos directly to your inbox! 2. Come during our open hours, Tues-Saturday, 10am-2pm. Be prepared to wait in line.

there are no refunds on bikes.

Can I buy parts?

Yes. We are open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-2pm. If you’re looking for more than that, we recommend leaving a list or email it to so that we can gather your items.

Mask Required!

What if I need my bike fixed but don’t have much money?

We are doing repairs on a sliding scale, which should make them affordable to most people. If you are not able to pay within the scale, let BICAS staff know and we will work with you. We want everyone to have a safe, reliable method of transportation during this pandemic, regardless of funds.

I heard it might take up to 2 weeks to fix my bike. Can’t I get it any faster?

Our time-frame for repair is similar to other shops in town, which are all experiencing unprecedented volume. 

If your bike is your main mode of transportation, let BICAS staff know at intake and we will prioritize your repair.

Can I donate a bike?

Yes! You can drop off donations during open hours, Tues-Sat 10am-2pm. we can only accept good condition bicycles and parts at this time. If you have unwanted bikes that are broken/rusty we suggest you take them directly to Recyco. Thank you.

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