BICAS Recycled Bike Racks

BICAS is happy to provide low cost bike parking options for your home or business using recycled bicycle parts. These unique sculptural racks are a locally produced, recycled product that helps support BICAS at nearly half the price of commercial bike racks. Bike racks may be available for purchase in our gallery at BICAS and custom orders are welcome. Please stop by or contact us by phone or email to place an order. Racks can be made to be bolted to cement or set into concrete. Install is not included.
3 loop rack-$100
Prickly Pear Rack-$100
Double Heart Rack-$100
Loop and Gear Rack-$130
2 Legged Rack-$130
Zig zag rack-$130
Crank arm rack-$130
Double Loop Rack-$120