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art7 What we can do… -bike racks -fences -gates What we can’t do… -anything that seems like a liability or danger -your last minute art class project -your dirty laundry (If you can sweet talk one of our metal workers into it, we can do just about anything. We’re just limited by time and supplies). In the meantime for commission work such as bicycle racks and public art, please contact: to be directed to a staff member who can assist you. **Please be mindful that we are made up of a core collective group of 15 who wrench, run a nonprofit, teach classes, maintain the website, weld, organize outreach events, ride bikes and live our lives to the fullest outside of BICAS. That being said, we can only take on so much individually, but we do plan to take over the world. We do appreciate your support and desire to help us take over the world.