Featured Artist: Stacy Spurgeon-Shoults

We are thrilled to feature artist Stacy Spurgeon-Shoults! Stacy is a Tucson-based welder and artist whose unique and stunning sculptures exude emotive earthtone phantasmagoria.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Arlington Heights, IL. I moved to Tucson right after college graduation in 1990.

What got you started making art?

I have always loved art. I remember all the glitter, glue and art supplies in my grandparents basement and the hours of fun creating. I started welding in the 90s when I got my first oxy/acetylene setup as a birthday gift.

What’s your artistic background? (experience, education, etc.)

I have no formal artistic training, I always took art classes as fun. I did take a welding class so I didn’t blow myself up at the beginning, but mostly I’m self taught and always learning. I’m excited about taking a sculptural welding class at Pima in January.

Who or what are your biggest artists’ influences?

I don’t follow many artists. I love colors and bold lines, my first born has a Keith Haring baby book. I also really enjoy Ansel Adams. Maybe someday I will learn watercolor.

Where do you get your inspiration for your art?

My silly little brain \:) I like making things that are artistic and functional. Everyone should have a little art in their lives.

Anything else?

Almost all my work is custom and I love working with people to create just what they want and imagine for lives.

What brought you to BICAS?

I have donated to BICAS for several years, always go to then for pieces/parts for art, and would love to work more with them in the future!

How has BICAS affected you?

I love that BICAS makes art and is such a great part of the community.

Check out their instagram for more of their work, or come find their work at the Harlow Gardens!