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BICAS Attends the Worker Coop Conference.

September 2020

This September, BICAS Collective members had the opportunity to attend the national convening of the Worker Coop Conference.  Representatives of BICAS have been in attendance of the past two out of state conferences.  This year more staff than ever before were able to attend due to the virtual format of the conference.  The Worker Co-op Conference is a gathering of worker owners, cooperative developers, policymakers, funders, and other allies dedicated to worker ownership and workplace democracy coming together to make space for connection, education, skill-building, and sharing to improve the lives of workers and their families.

Maurice Mitchell, Key Organizer with Movement for Black Lives and National Director of the Working Families Party stressed in his keynote speech that to fully participate in a democratic society we must have full participation in our workplace.  For those unfamiliar with the BICAS governance structure, we are a Collectively run, worker self-directed nonprofit organization.  The Collective is composed of our staff and board members who meet bimonthly to address all matters related to the organization, using a consensus decision making model to thoroughly address all concerns of our members and gather the most input and collective buy-in for policies and new endeavors.  The bulk of our administrative and programmatic work is carried out in a committee structure, with each committee tackling specific areas such as fundraising, art programing, educational classes, etc.  

In this unprecedented moment in time, as we simultaneously struggle through a global pandemic, a commitment to racial justice and equity, and an election year, the conference offered a variety of workshops that provided tools for tackling these times and motivation to stay the course working together collectively.  Staff attended sessions including Worker Self-Directed Non-Profits, Reparations and the Cooperative Movement, Hacking the US Healthcare System, Financial accounting for Cooperatives, and Anti Racist Hiring Practices.  We are eager to integrate what we learned from the conference into our goals and practices, and we look forward to the next conference.  For more information check out

Monsoon Hours start July 8th

BICAS switches to Monsoon Summer Hours on July 8th

June 23rd, 2020
As the Tucson summer heats up and Monsoon season rolls in, BICAS will be shifting our open hours to earlier in the day to help everyone beat the heat.

Monsoon Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM

Summer holiday break – BICAS will be closed June 29th – July 5th

Bike repairs taken in this week, June 24th – 27th, can expect a delay in repair time due to the Summer Holiday Break next week. As always we will complete your repairs as quickly as possible and call you when your bike is ready. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Services updates during COVID-19

Posted June 8th, 2020

Report Back from a month of Essential Services and what to expect in the future.  

Since BICAS reopened for essential services a little over a month ago we have had just shy of 1,000 visitors!  That’s incredible.  We are so pleased to be able to serve so many people in our community with bike sales, sliding scale repair services, receiving and providing bike donations to those in need, and offering parts and supplies sales for folks to keep their bikes safely running or to work on projects from at home.  Whether you’re in search of a bicycle, want to fix up that old one in the garage, rely on your bike for daily transport, or need help accessorizing with lights, helmets, locks, and water bottles… we’re here for you.  

How you can help us help you.

We are still offering all services through our north facing roll up door to minimize exposure risk for our customers and staff.  At the moment the public is not able to come inside our building but we’re happy to do your shopping for you!  We’re doing our best to keep you comfortable while waiting in line by providing shade structures.  Here are some ways you can help us reduce wait time.  If you are looking for parts please come prepared with a list and your name and number.  If it’s more than we can search for on the spot, we’ll call you back at a later time to come pick stuff up.  If you have donations feel free to wave us down from the door so that you don’t have to wait in line to drop them off.  Looking for a bike? Feel free to check out the bikes posted on our facebook page or contact our sales team ahead of time at with information about what you’re looking for in a bike and how tall you are to get an idea of what we have available.  This can help speed up your visit.  Bikes are selling fast!  We have sold nearly 100 since opening which is faster than we can fix them up.  Please consider purchasing a used bike from us to schedule in for repairs to get it rideable.  And remember to stay home when you or anyone in your household is sick and to wear a mask when you visit us if you have one.  If not, consider buying one of our handmade masks!

Sticking to our mission.  

We believe in access to mobility and making sure everyone can obtain sustainable transportation.  We have serviced around 200 bikes since reopening, the majority of which have been subsidized repairs.  We have set our rates on a sliding scale with the upper end reflecting the true cost of the repair based on average shop rates, but are dedicated to meeting you where you’re at with whatever you can afford.  Your support helps us be able to offer our services to more people in need.  Thank you for supporting the Tucson community through supporting BICAS.  We’re all in this together.  

Moving forward.

We know how eager you are for us to return to the many services we typically offer.  We are too!  However, we are dedicated to keeping our community and collective as safe as possible by use of risk assessment tools.  We are adjusting and planning for safer ways to offer our classes and camps and to allow for controlled numbers of people inside our building as soon as the data can assure us that cases of COVID-19 are no longer on the rise in our county.  We can’t predict when that will be but are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to post updates on our webpage and social media.  We appreciate your patience as we focus on all the ways we CAN help you right now.  



Bikes and stories are not so different: Both take off and end up in places you never expected; Both can be shared and often are handed down from one generation to the next; And both need people to care for them, treasure them, and make sure they keep going and going.

Here at BICAS, we feel so privileged to hear all your amazing/heartbreaking/hilarious/inspiring stories as you come in to snazz up your bike, or earn a new bike after yours was stolen, or teach your kids how to fix a flat on their very first bike. We cherish all your stories and they truly help remind us why we do what we do!

This #GivingTuesday, we invite you to share your best BICAS stories with us! And while you’re at it, please consider a donation to help BICAS continue its legacy of offering affordable bicycle transportation, education, and creative recycling for all of Southern Arizona.

Click here to donate now

See what others have to say!…

“BICAS is the kind of organization that uniquely defines Tucson. It is has its roots in helping people and providing a service for others, yet has grown tremendously by building a diverse base because of its ability to change and grow. I am most proud of BICAS for its commitment to provide free and low-cost instruction and bicycles to children and adults who can’t afford it. Their work with kids helps parents and families and provides transportation alternatives in our much-needed quest for clean air.”

– Regina Romero, Mayor of Tucson

“I love WTF workshop. As a new bike owner and not very mechanically inclined, I was nervous about doing the small fixes and maintenance on my bike. But, coming into WTF on Mondays I couldn’t have asked for a better environment to learn. It’s super empowering!”

-Lauren McCullough

“After being released from prison…I found myself in need of transportation. Being without any money and wanting to do things right I began a web search and found BICAS. I became enrolled in their earn a bike program and started out by sweeping and mopping the shop floor. I had been working and collecting the parts I would need for my bike, and finally one day I found the last part I needed. Two days later I had my bike. Not surprisingly, it’s turned out to be the best bike I’ve ever owned. Thank you to Troy, the rest of the staff and to BICAS for being there, keep up the excellent work you’re doing. You are appreciated.”

-Kevin Quillin