This video shows you how to recycle a bicycle innertube into a functional wallet. Feel free to pause, as the video goes fast! Follow along with our premade materials kit available on the BICAS Art Etsy. Kits come complete with an instruction booklet, with and all sales to directly benefit the BICAS Art Program. Link to purchase kits: Link to more stitch variants:… Written, illustrated, and demonstrated by BICAS Staff Tyler McCullough Filmed, edited, and performed by BICAS Staff Shruti Kaul, @shrutikaul on Instagram.BICAS Materials Kits include: – One-of-a-kind instruction sheet created by the BICAS Staff – Innertube; 12in long piece (must be wide enough when cut flat to fit a credit card; beware when using a thorn resistant tube as they can’t typically fold more than four times) -Needle (large eye, blunt needle works best and is safer for children but regular needle will work) – Thread; 6ft (embroidery or sewing thread should work as long as it fits needle and is strong enough to hold rubber) You will also need: – Ballpoint pen (or anything that can mark an innertube) Ruler – Scissors Happy crafting!