Event Information

Date: TBD Location: UofA – Highland Avenue This is a bicycle recycling drive that gives UA students – who are getting ready to go on summer break – the opportunity to donate or “recycle” their bicycles to/for a charitable cause. Every year, hundreds of bicycles are abandoned on campus; this drive gives BICAS an opportunity to save some bicycles and continue our mission of providing affordable and accessible bike transportation to those who need it!


Our last Bike Drive was held from May 10 – May 12, 2016. This year we exceeded the number of donations received from our Bike Drive in 2015! Thank you to all of our donors. And a special thanks to all of our volunteers who helped make this event a success!


This event requires one or two volunteers to staff the BICAS booth on Highland Avenue and collect any donations from students. Work in shifts is possible if you have limited availability on the day. Please check in Spring 2017 for Bike Drive Volunteer Opportunities