Racheal Rios Auction T-Shirt Interview


We loved getting to interview local artist Racheal Rios (@rachealrios on Instagram) this past week! Racheal describes her love for BICAS that went into her fabulous 2020 Mini-Auction t-shirt design. Thank you Racheal for your shout-out to BICAS essential services, which have allowed us to re-imagined the way that we engage with and learn alongside the community in assisting with equitable transportation for all. Purchase Racheal’s shirt and BICAS shirt by staff artist Jreems Kmchroo (@jreemskmchroo on Instagram) at https://shop.creamforever.com/collections/bicas-bicycle-inter-community-art-salvage-, and, don’t forget to check out our mini-auction on eBay from this Sunday, Dec 6 at 9AM MST – Saturday Dec 12 at 9PM MST!! More information at www.bicas.org/art-auction! Thank you in advance for your support!


Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Pre-Order 2020 BICAS T-Shirts Today!

Visit https://shop.creamforever.com/collections/bicas-bicycle-inter-community-art-salvage to pre-order your handprinted shirt(s) today! We are grateful to Tucson print shop CREAM for the collaboration. One of our shirts is specific to our 2020 mini-auction and designed by local artist and friend Racheal Rios, and the other is a general BICAS shirt designed by our very own staff member Jreems Kmchroo! Pre-order shirts until December 7 on the link above, then order the same shirts live throughout December into the new year! Shipping fees apply or you can stop by BICAS to purchase your shirt after December 7. More information can be found in the first link above or by emailing art@bicas.org. Thank you in advance for supporting us through the pandemic and beyond with your shirt purchase!

How To: Mini-Staff Auction


Designs by BICAS staff member Jreems Kmchroo, @jreemskmchroo on Instagram!

Click here to view instructions in Animation Form!

Hello and welcome, 

BICAS will  be hosting an online MINI-AUCTION this year. The art auction will be via eBay and will open from 9AM MST on Sunday, Dec 6 to 9PM MST on Saturday, December 12. Here are some ways to sign-up for an eBay account and step-by-step instructions on how to place a bid one or multiple ART pieces. All pieces are made by our very own BICAS collective members. 

If you are familiar with the eBay Auction platform, please visit the following auction link! www.ebay.com/usr/bicasbikes 

How to register for an eBay account:

  • You will need an Ebay account in order to place a bid. If you already have an eBay account, please skip to How to place your bid on an eBay auction item. 
  • To sign up for an eBay account, all you need is an email address. If you have one please click the following link. Sign up for an eBay account
  • Once you have registered for your eBay Account, please follow the steps below.

A) Go to www.ebay.com/usr/bicasbikes and navigate to the item on which you would like to bid.

The bid needs to be an increment or more higher than the current minimum bid. The lowest amount you can bid is displayed just below the Place Bid box. You don’t need to put in the dollar sign but do use a decimal point. (Ex. CORRECT WAY $10.50, WRONG WAY $1050=$1050.00)

B) Enter your maximum bid in the appropriate box.

C) Click Place Bid. 

  • The Review Bid page will appear on your screen. This is your last chance to change your mind: Do you really want the item, and can you really buy it? The bottom line is this: If you bid on it and you win, you buy it. eBay really means it. After you agree, the Bid Confirmation screen appears.

D) Then, if you agree to the terms, click Confirm Bid. 

  • After you bid on an item, the item number and title appear on your My eBay page, listed under the Buy heading. The Bidding list makes tracking your auction item (or items, if you’re bidding on multiple items) easy!

E) Monitor your bid throughout the week and make sure you’re not outbid before the auction end time at 9PM MST on Saturday, December 12! If you win your piece, you have the option to choose at-store pickup or shipping! As we are a cooperatively-run nonprofit with limited funds, winners will be responsible for shipping costs!

For questions or tech support, please contact art@bicas.org and a BICAS representative will assist you as soon as possible. Thank you and enjoy the very first BICAS online ART AUCTION!

2020 Staff Mini-Auction!!


Design by BICAS staff member Jreems Kmchroo, @jreemskmchroo on Instagram.

The BICAS Art program merges bike-themed arts, do-it-yourself ethics, and ecological consciousness by providing education, inspiration, salvaged materials, and a socially diverse and inclusive artistic venue. Our art program culminates each December at our Annual Art Auction, which is a showcase of hundreds of bicycle-themed artworks made by BICAS staff and community.

With the postponing of our 2020 community auction, our staff are putting on an online, COVID-safe art sale, featuring pieces made by the BICAS staff and board! Bidding will be open to the public at ebay.com/usr/bicasbikes from 9AM MST on December 6 to 9PM MST on December 12. More information and an option to RSVP are available at facebook.com/bicasart. Message here or email art@bicas.org with any questions!

We’ve been working hard to support the Tucson community during the pandemic, and we’ve missed the opportunity and necessity of getting to work alongside our community members! The mini-auction is our ask to community members to become involved and give to the Tucson community alongside us! We can’t wait to unveil all that we are planning for 2021 with COVID-safe mechanics classes, Women Trans Femme programming, art-making and more. Thank you in advance for your support and we’ll see you online 🙂