A Volunteer Orientation at BICAS

It’s just after closing, and a chill has beset the Tucson air. While many miles away, the groundhog may have seen his shadow, it seems word has not travelled the subterranean world, where one can only imagine our packrats receive gossip in whispers woven through tunnels. Still, the persisting winter is of no concern to those gathered within our walls for February’s Volunteer Orientation, where the energy is vibrant and alive.

Volunteer Orientations are held monthly, a relatively new initiative that has quickly gained momentum — now on its fourth month running! Created to facilitate accessibility for potential volunteers, these orientations serve as the foundation for building personal relationships, which we value with all our those who work by our side.

The atmosphere is electric as our Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator prepares the projector. Mere hours earlier, at our first Volunteer Mechanics Day, Joselyn assessed the skills of our mechanically-inclined volunteers from past orientations; these four volunteers did ABC checks on As-Is bikes, tuning them up for the shop floor. She is always exploring new avenues volunteers can be part of our mission, and everyone is excited about the future.

Now evening, the orientation is beginning. Gathered around tables with snacks and handouts to follow along, eager faces turn their attention to the projector, their anticipation mirrored in the soft illumination of its light. There is a round of introductions and pronouns, where we all say something about ourselves.

The next stage of the monthly orientation is the shop tour. This month, our volunteers in attendance have been involved with us before, and are eager to get into the presentation. With a radiant smile, Joselyn unpacks BICAS’s history, programs, and the services we offer. There are more ways to volunteer with us than ever before, and each of our programs — from Outreach, to Shop, to Art, to Fundraising — avails different ways to do so.

The atmosphere of the orientation is personal; the palpable sense of connection as deep and alive as the vibrant murals on the classroom walls. The Volunteer & Outreach committee cherishes the bond with each of our committed volunteers, whose invaluable contributions breathe life into BICAS.

One volunteer inquires about our upcoming tabling event, at Catalina Council Boy Scouts of America Bike Rodeo this Saturday; Joselyn directs them to sign up sheet. While participation in our Orientations carries no obligation, attendees are informed about both upcoming and future opportunities.

We are profoundly grateful to our volunteers, whose contributions are indispensable to the work we do, and are honored as these relationships develop and deepen.

Volunteer Orientations are held monthly. Follow us on Instagram for upcoming orientations!