Featured Artist: Olivia Tuller

We are so happy to feature artist Olivia Tuller! Olivia is a local ceramic artist whose unique artisinal pieces exude delightful serenity in each pattern. We’ve had the sheer joy of having her at BICAS Art events in the past, most recently Art Mart at Dark!

Where are you from?


What got you started making art?

Growing up, I had a natural affinity for creating art. My family is very artistic, and encouraged me to explore many different mediums such as fiber arts, music, photography, poetry, and dance. It wasn’t until college that I found ceramics though, and that has been my predominant artistic outlet since.

What’s your artistic background? (experience, education, etc.)

I’ve explored many different art forms throughout my life, but the bulk of my artistic education happened within my art history (and psychology) undergraduate degree at Lewis and Clark College. After graduating, I took ceramic classes at local community centers as well as community college spaces to continue expanding upon what I had learned. I’ve participated in special firing workshops, as well as learned how to create glazes and work with unique glazing techniques. Though I now find myself a teacher, I still seek out ways to continue my ceramic education, whether in Tucson or elsewhere.

Where do you get your inspiration for your art?

I’ve drawn from my upbringing for most of my inspiration. I grew up in a very midcentury modern home, and seem to reflect those shapes and designs in my own work, whether intentional or not. My grandmother on my dad’s side was also an artist, and though her primary medium was watercolor, she dabbled in clay and made some beautiful, colorful pieces that have inspired my own work. I love alchemizing these external influences I grew up seeing into my own work, reflecting and integrating the past and present versions of myself into my pieces.

What brought you to BICAS?

I came to BICAS to built myself a new bike!

How has BICAS affected you?

Without BICAS, I would not have had the tools, support, or necessary guidance to build a bike for the first time. I now have the confidence to not only do that, but also to fix things that go wrong or need tinkering. This newfound ability is invaluable, one that has given me a newfound relationship with something I was already connected to.

Why did you work with BICAS at Art Mart?

I chose to participate in the BICAS art market because BICAS is a space and organization that contributes positively to the greater Tucson community. I’m very strategic about which markets and organizations I support with my art, making sure that they give back in a positive way. I love being able to be part of markets that support organizations like BICAS, and since I know first hand how helpful BICAS is, I’m always excited to continue supporting them how I can.

Check out her instagram for more of her work!