Featured Artist: Noah Suarez

We are so excited to feature artist Noah Suarez! Noah is a Tucson-based silversmith and jewelry artist whose vibrant and glowing pieces dazzle not only the sunlight but on their own.

Where are you from?

Tucson, Arizona

What got you started making art?

I always loved gems since I was a child. But I started making jewelry in 2021. I was inspired to create more after making a peridot ring out of wire. I decided I wanted to find out how to silversmith as well teaching myself everything I could through online tutorials.

What’s your artistic background? (experience, education, etc.)

I learned everything through online tutorials and learning from friends as well.

Who or what are your biggest artists’ influences?

My biggest artist influences are not specific people but rather gems themselves. I love being able to wear a piece that I know came from the earth. Because peridot was my first ring, the stones peridot and carnelian made me want to create more. I love the color the and feeling they give when wearing them.

Where do you get your inspiration for your art?

I get my inspiration from mainly how each gem makes me feel at the time. I fluctuate through many favorite gemstones. As of right now my favorite is Botswana agate. Seeing how many variations there are and striations in it give it a lot of mysticism for me. It’s incredible to know something so uniquely beautiful can be naturally found.

Anything else?

A lot of the jewelry I create is based on how the gemstone looks naturally too. I use wire wrapping to display the natural beauty of the gemstone. I love to make jewelry out of stones that are shaped in their natural form too, even if they are not cut already to be place in settings.

What brought you to BICAS?

What brought me to bicas was seeing how committed they are to building community and uplifting artists. I showcased my jewelry at the first art mart, and it was a truly incredible night.

How has BICAS affected you?

I feel a large sense of community at bicas, and have met so many amazing people. Having grown up in Tucson, I remember going to bicas when it was at its location on sixth street before the construction. It’s heartwarming to know I’m a part of the community of artists at bicas, after going since I was a child.

Why did you work with BICAS at Art Mart?

I recently went to bicas art mart. And I wanted to attend again because of how amazing it was the first time. So many cool and interesting artists were there and it was such a fun day. I definitely knew I wanted to return.

Check out his Instagram and for more of his work! They also rent a small spot at the crystal Mandala on 4th Ave, where their jewelry is on display as well.

Find him at consistently on second Saturdays Downtown Tucson, vending in-front of the Rondstat Center!