2024 BICAS Annual Art Auction T-Shirt & Poster Contest

Our 2024 Annual Art Auction T-Shirt and Poster will be selected from designs submitted by artists in our community. This shirt and poster will be locally printed in Tucson, AZ.

The winning artist will be credited on the inside tag of the T-shirt alongside washing instructions, and in captions alongside the poster. They will also be interviewed over email and featured in a spotlight on our social media. They will receive their own t-shirt. Please include with your submission whatever promotional information you wish to be shared!

Past years have taken the design used in the Art Auction commemorative shirt and poster on a winding road. Different designs or one and the same, staff created or externally commissioned, the nonprofit has experimented with an approach to this special piece. This makes it especially exciting that in 2024, BICAS returns to its roots by holding a contest for a design that will be both on the commemorative t-shirt and the poster! All proceeds go towards our decades-long mission is to promote accessibility to bicycle transportation and the arts.

This design should be compatible both with a poster (12”x18”), and a standard T-Shirt (dimensions can vary). You should submit two files with the same basic design or theme, arranged for each format.

We reserve the right to further reformat the design for further dimensions, including for a 8.5”x11” poster, a 4”x6” postcard and a 1”x1” instagram post, and a double-sided 4”x5” flyer. (Including these dimensions in your submission is welcome, but optional and will not affect the outcome of the contest.)

The subject of the design can be anything you like, as long as it fits with the theme of bicycle art.

The poster should include in prominent lettering:

BICAS Annual Art Auction

The poster should contain this text in a minimum of 14 pt font:

Free to attend & fun for the whole family!
Bid on One of a Kind Bicycle Art
Food, Drinks, & Music

The poster should contain this text in a minimum of 10 pt font:

All proceeds benefit BICAS, Tucson’s non-profit bicycle, arts, recycling & education center. Bicycle themed art donations accepted until Dec 1st.

The poster should include this text:

December 7th, 2024


5 PM to 9 PM

The poster should include the BICAS phone number, Instagram handle, and the page on the website for the Art Auction (520 628-7950, @bicasart, & bicas.org/art/auction). It should also include the BICAS address (2001 N 7th Ave, Tucson).

Please provide your design as a high resolution file. PSD, PSB, PNG, and TIFF files with a resolution of 300+ PPI, or vector PDF, SVG, and AI files are accepted.

Submit your design here!

If you have any questions about the format, please email art@bicas.org!