Featured Artist: Katherine Joyce

We are excited feature artist Katherine Joyce! Katherine is a Tucson-based illustrator whose vibrant and sensational pieces exude fusion between adventure and tranquility. We’ve had the sheer joy of having her at BICAS Art events!

Where are you from?

Most of my life I’ve moved around. I’ve lived in Arizona for 6 years now which makes it the longest I’ve lived anywhere consecutively but I’ve also spent a bit of time in Colorado and overseas.

What got you started making art?

Most of my family has creative outlets that I grew up being influenced by and learning craftsmanship and creative skills so for all of my life I’ve been drawing and exploring art.

What’s your artistic background? (experience, education, etc.)

I studied Fine Art at Colorado State University-Pueblo, my emphasis area was in painting. I spent some time while in school teaching art camps and working in graphic design. I continued working in graphic design for 10 years and I still do a little bit. During that time I did gallery shows here and there with my illustration work. In 2020 I started doing murals in Tucson and over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to shift more of my time towards illustration and murals which is amazing.

Who or what are your biggest artists’ influences?

There are so many artists and movements whose work I love. Dulk, Sibylline, Faunwood, Dustin Nguyen, Bobby Chiu, Pernille Orem, Thomas Hirshchorn, Jamie Hewlett are all artists I’m loving right now.

Where do you get your inspiration for your art?

Inspiration for me starts with an interest in story telling and emotional connection you can find with nature, animals, books and interpersonal relationships. Drawing is constantly exploring emotional depth, processing everyday life, reflecting on shape and cuteness.

What brought you to BICAS?

My brother introduced my to BICAS, he used to work at similar places in other states and he had found BICAS while visiting Tucson before I moved to Arizona.

How has BICAS affected you?

I was very happy to be included in a market at BICAS and get to come and help paint a little for an event. I’m just starting to really get into markets and I value the opportunity to meet the community minded people at BICAS.

Check out her instagram and website for more of her work!