Thank you for joining us for Virtual Youth Earn-a-Bike Class!

Classroom Tool Board

If you found this page but have not registered, please email to inquire about getting started.

How it works

We have 3 “classes” prepared for you, which include presentations, activities, and quizzes covering the topics from each class. The material is intended to give you a general understanding of bicycles, their parts, how they work, and how to safely ride in the streets. It won’t teach you everything there is to know about bikes, but it will give you a great foundation in case you want to come into the shop and learn more in the future!

You can access the class content via the links below. You will find the quiz links at the end of each class. Once you have completed all three quizzes and the Student Information Sheet an instructor will check your work and if you said that you need a bike when you registered, we will start tuning one up for you! If you have questions at any time you can check in with our youth programs department by email:

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Student Information Sheet

The form above helps us gather data for grant applying/reporting, which is how BICAS funds its youth programs. Please take a moment to fill it out so that others will be able to participate in classes and activities like this one! *All demographic information will be kept 100% anonymous when shared with outside entities for the purposes of grant reporting.*

Class 1 – Bicycle Anatomy and Tool Basics


Class 2 – Mechanical Systems


Class 3 – On the Road Safety


Finished with everything?

Hang tight while we review your work. A BICAS staff member will contact you soon about your earned bicycle! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

*BICAS Youth Programs would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Charlies Freewheels in Toronto for lending us invaluable support in the creation of this program, which is closely-modeled after their own “Learn-a-Bike” course.*