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Basic Maintenance is a one day, 3 hour Class. The purpose of this class is to help you understand bicycles, how they work, and what is needed to maintain them. You will be cleaning, trouble shooting brakes and gears and doing a basic tune up on your own bike. Class cost is $36.

This one-time, 3-hour course is designed to educate you on basic maintenance of bicycles in general and to help you get to know your own bicycle specifically. This course will help you learn how your bicycle works and what actions you can take in order to prolong the life of your bicycle, as well as what to check for when your bicycle is not functioning properly.

Here are some of the regular maintenance techniques this course covers:

  • Specifics of your bike
  • Fix a flat (patching tubes) 
  • Brake adjustments
  • Chain and gear maintenance
  • Diagnosing problems
  • Safety checks
October 27th, 2022 from  4:00 PM to  7:00 PM
BICAS Classroom
2001 N 7TH AVE
Tucson, AZ 85705
United States
Phone: 520-628-7950
Class Fee
Class Tuition $36.00