Collective member and part-time Auctioneer Jesus is here to welcome you to our 2020 mini-auction, featuring a wide array of salvage bicycle art by our staff and board. Instructions on how to bid at Auction link at All proceeds go to BICAS, a worker self-directed 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Video by our amazing WTF Coordinator Shruti Kaul. Y’all ready?!Video Closed Captioning:  “Attention! Come one and come all to the 2020 BICAS Staff Mini-Auction. COVID has whooped us all in the you-know-where but one but we are gonna have our auction whatever way we can.   We have some charming folk at this here bike collective and of course they can twist a wrench or two. But! ..can they use those hands to whip up something beautiful that isn’t a sleek single speed?   Of course they can! Our greasy mechanics have a tender touch and eye for salvage art. You’ll see.   Now our selection for today are plentiful and mighty fine. You wanna know what’s on the menu? Well that’s what I’m here for.   Today we’ve got Barrio Casita by Mel Dominguez Is it Over? By Jreems Kmchroo Barrio Cruising Print by Mel Dominguez BICAS 2020 by Emma Muir Blue Chain Danglies by Hattie Houser Childhood Memories by Jesus Desert Sunset by Colin Holmes Dzidze’doo nizhoni yoo’  by AMG Enter Stage Right by Sebastian Kind Fish Stories by Carlyn Arteaga Hanging Chain Lamp by Ellie Kaszniak Larrea Tridentata by Linus Lunar Landscape by Adam Frumhoff Monsoon Love by Kristin McRay Remember Spirit Bird by Gavin Troy Sol Mate by Clifford Ludeña Spinning Closet Organizer by Clel Stop Me Oh Stop Me by Andrea Burke Tassel Key Chains by Miro Gutierrez The Bliss of Flying Through the Wind by Tyler McCullough The Rubber by Arjuna Yoo’disxosih by AMG   And let the bidding begin! Where is everybody?   *crickets*   See you online!” Posted Dec 6, 2020 Auction runs until 9PM MST Dec 12, 2020