Women’s Trans* Femme (WTF) Workshop
Mondays 3-7pm

This workshop is run similarly to the BICAS open shop but with a supportive all-WTF atmosphere.

Join us for a **monthly** WTF bike ride every first Monday!  

Next Ride:  October 2nd
Meet at BICAS at 7 p.m.  Wheels down at 7:15!

The ride will be led by WTF staff who will have a pump and patch kit for any flat tires along the way.  Feel free to bring snacks, music, costumes, or whatever will make your ride more joyous!


Women Trans* Femme (WTF) hours are open to anyone who identifies as female, transgender, femme, genderqueer, trans-masculine, trans-feminine, or feels that their socialization or treatment as a woman, transperson*, femme has impeded their participation in bicycle mechanics.

Bring your own bike project (or see what we have!) and use our Community Tools ($6-12/hr) as an informal classroom with WTF-identified mechanics on hand to guide you and answer your questions.

* What’s with the asterisk? *



  • Check out this article about our BICAS Women Trans* Femme workshop in the 1st issue of Misadventures Magazine. “Shifting Gears: How one bicycle collective in Tucson is changing the mechanics of empowerment.”

Group photo from our WTF Mural Bike Ride!                           ———————————————————————————


Bicycle maintenance has traditionally been an overwhelmingly (cis)male-dominated area. It is our goal to help teach individuals who have been marginalized or intimidated in this setting to be knowledgeable and confident working on their bikes. Our BICAS WTF Workshop was developed in response to an expressed community need for such a program, drawing inspiration from similar programs nationally and internationally.

On a daily basis BICAS strives to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all, while also recognizing the benefits of offering women, trans* & femme-specific hours as a stepping stone to achieving greater confidence working in our space throughout the week.

WTFcrew2016This space is for:

Women: A person who identifies as a woman.

Trans: Transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gender creative, anyone whose gender identity is fluid, transgressive, and/or transitioning.

Femme: A gender identity in which a person of any gender embodies a feminine appearance, expression, or identity.


If you are not WTF identified, BECOME AN ALLY:

  • Respect the space: Come during our regular hours, don’t ask for an exception, and don’t hang around the entrance during WTF hours.
  • Respect People: During BICAS’ regular hours, treat all female & trans* mechanics as you would any other person (don’t assume they’re less knowledgeable, don’t call them “sweety,” and NEVER take a wrench out of their hand!)
  • Get Educated: Learn about the issues facing women and trans* communities.
  • Educate others: About why and how to be an ally!

Questions or comments? Want to host an event or workshop? Contact us: WTF@bicas.org

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