Ochoa Bike Club

Ochoa Bike Club

In September 2015 an amazing thing happened: BICAS, The John Valenzuela Youth Center (JVYC), & Safe Routes to School of South Tucson combined forces to create a dynamic, community-centered afterschool bike program for 2nd-4th grade students from Ochoa Magnet School in South Tucson!

For the past few months about 20 students in our Ochoa Bike Club have been learning safe riding habits, bike-handling skills, traffic awareness, and basic mechanical know-how under the tutelage of BICAS instructors, JVYC staff, and teen mentors.


We've had a fantastic time exploring the parks, art, gardens, and buisinesses around the neighborhood and realizing all the exciting places we can go by bicycle!

We would love to keep the Ochoa Bike Club rolling, and with your help, we can! Currently, we are seeking funds for instruction and materials for the 2015/16 school year.

Please consider donating here to help support the Ochoa Bike Club of South Tucson!

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