Designs by BICAS staff member Jreems Kmchroo, @jreemskmchroo on Instagram!

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Hello and welcome,  BICAS will  be hosting an online MINI-AUCTION this year. The art auction will be via eBay and will open from 9AM MST on Sunday, Dec 6 to 9PM MST on Saturday, December 12. Here are some ways to sign-up for an eBay account and step-by-step instructions on how to place a bid one or multiple ART pieces. All pieces are made by our very own BICAS collective members.  If you are familiar with the eBay Auction platform, please visit the following auction link! 

How to register for an eBay account:

  • You will need an Ebay account in order to place a bid. If you already have an eBay account, please skip to How to place your bid on an eBay auction item. 
  • To sign up for an eBay account, all you need is an email address. If you have one please click the following link. Sign up for an eBay account
  • Once you have registered for your eBay Account, please follow the steps below.

A) Go to and navigate to the item on which you would like to bid.

The bid needs to be an increment or more higher than the current minimum bid. The lowest amount you can bid is displayed just below the Place Bid box. You don’t need to put in the dollar sign but do use a decimal point. (Ex. CORRECT WAY $10.50, WRONG WAY $1050=$1050.00)

B) Enter your maximum bid in the appropriate box.

C) Click Place Bid. 

  • The Review Bid page will appear on your screen. This is your last chance to change your mind: Do you really want the item, and can you really buy it? The bottom line is this: If you bid on it and you win, you buy it. eBay really means it. After you agree, the Bid Confirmation screen appears.

D) Then, if you agree to the terms, click Confirm Bid. 

  • After you bid on an item, the item number and title appear on your My eBay page, listed under the Buy heading. The Bidding list makes tracking your auction item (or items, if you’re bidding on multiple items) easy!

E) Monitor your bid throughout the week and make sure you’re not outbid before the auction end time at 9PM MST on Saturday, December 12! If you win your piece, you have the option to choose at-store pickup or shipping! As we are a cooperatively-run nonprofit with limited funds, winners will be responsible for shipping costs!

For questions or tech support, please contact and a BICAS representative will assist you as soon as possible. Thank you and enjoy the very first BICAS online ART AUCTION!