About BICAS 

(Bicycle Inter-Community Art & Salvage)

BICAS is a worker self directed nonprofit 501(c)(3) Bicycle Center located in the heart of downtown Tucson.

Through advocacy and bicycle salvage, our mission is to participate in affordable bicycle transportation, education, and creative recycling with our greater Tucson Community.

Through donations from the community, BICAS provides the following to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity: an Earn-A-Bike Program, Worktrade, Community Service, Bike Repair and Community Tools. We believe in the bicycle as accessible transportation for all and do our best to make it so.


We are an education center, not a traditional bike shop.

You can find the following at BICAS:



Brief History

BICAS started in late 1989 as an organization called Bootstraps to Share. A group of like-minded community members came together to assist and empower the homeless population in Tucson, helping folks attain work, shelter, food, and transportation.

Over the next few years, the organization focused on sustainable transportation as a requisite for sustainable work, determining their greatest impact was to provide recycled bicycles and the skills needed to maintain them. In that same period, youth became interested in the bicycle mechanics programs.

Thus, BICAS in the way we know it today came into existence around 1994, although the name “BICAS” wasn’t used until 1996. We have since extended our bicycle recycling, advocacy and education programs out to the entire community. Since our founding, we have trained thousands of youth and adults in the trade of bicycle repair, maintenance and safety, and restored thousands of bicycles, saving them from the waste stream.

We also have a more detailed history HERE.


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