Please donate during our open hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 11-6pm (CLOSED MONDAYS).

We are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity. Your item donations are tax deductible. When you drop off your donation to BICAS, during Open Shop Hours, our employees can furnish you with a tax receipt.



Why donate? BICAS has provided affordable transportation for over 25 years. Your donation keeps the doors open and Tucson rolling!

Where can I bring my donation? We’re located at 2001 N. 7th Ave. MAP

Can you pick up my donation?  We’re unable to pick up donations at this time.

How will my donation be used? Some bikes will be used as a teaching aid in our Build-A-Bike and build-a-KIDS-bike classes and refurbished to be sold in our community bike shop. Otherwise, they are made available to customers for purchase or work-trade or Earn-A-Bike. Bike sales are a major source of revenue for BICAS and allow us to keep our lights on and doors open 6 days a week. Sales allow us to continue all of the programming and community tools  we love to share with our community!

 Sometimes we make mini mutant bikes for our Events!


   Thank you for your donations and support that keep Tucson rolling!


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