Become a Monthly BICAS Advocate!

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, BICAS relies on the kindness of the community to fulfill the need for sustainable and accessible bicycle education, art and salvage. Your gift goes towards helping individuals gain access to quality bike transportation, support youth bicycle education, promotes art made from recycled materials, and more!

Tier 1: Support and Contribute: $50

  • Support BICAS Art Corner
  • Contribute to Community Tools
  • Sustain Work-trade Opportunities

Tier 2 Preserve and Sustain: $75

  • Preserve WTF workshop
  • Sustain a brake clinic
  • Support a welding class

Tier 3 Fund and Sponsor: $150

  • Fund a WTF Event
  • Sponsor a Build-a-Bike class
  • Support a Youth Camp


Choose an amount that works best for you!

Whether it’s $5 or $500, BICAS is thankful for any and all support that can sustain our services and support our local community.

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