Welcome to Class #2! In this class we’re going to dig deeper into the mechanical systems of a bike, including the bearing systems, the braking system, and the shifting system. While we think this is the most exciting part, it is often the most challenging part as well, since most of these systems will be brand new and unfamiliar to you. Be patient with yourself and don’t feel too discouraged if you don’t understand everything right away. When you are finally able to come join us at BICAS again, these lessons will be a great jumping-off point for when you can really get your hands dirty and see how everything works! Note that most of these systems require specialized bike tools. You may sometimes be able to substitute with common household tools (YouTube has lots of good suggestions), but if you want to try wrenching on your own bike, be sure to check in with your parents about it first! Let’s start with the bearings systems: Now that we’ve got your bike rolling, we need to know how to stop it. Let’s talk about the all-important braking system. In fact, did you know that in Tucson bicycles must have at least one working brake to be street-legal? So let’s take a look: Ok, so you can roll and you can stop. But maybe you want to ride up a hill? Or carry around your rock collection? Well, you’re in luck because, that’s where your shifting system becomes your best friend! Let’s take a look at the drive train as a whole, and at the shifting system specifically: Well done! You made it through! We know that was a challenging one. When you feel ready, go ahead and take the Class 2 Quiz here.