Love bicycles and salvage art? Visit our online etsy shop and gallery for salvage parts, one-of-a-kind art pieces, community-designed merchandise and more! Shipping fees apply ~~unless~~ you enter the coupon code SHOPLOCAL at checkout. This coupon enables us to arrange COVID-19 safe, at-store pickup for local customers. Email for more information!

Our Etsy page exhibits a small selection of bicycle art created in Tucson under the section COMMUNITY ART. A significantly larger selection of community-made bike art is available each December at our Annual Art Auction. Hope to see you there!

Vintage BICAS Poster For Sale on Etsy

Chain Bit Earrings by Staff Artist AMG on Etsy

Welded Wall Hook by BICAS Staff on Etsy

Best of BICAS 25th Anniversary Patches on Etsy

Little to Non-Rusted Salvage Chains for Art on Etsy

BICAS Bike Wrench Tees for Sale on Etsy

Bike Pendant Necklace by Staff Artist AMG on Etsy

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